By Charles Pennington - / Tuesday 22 November 2011 11:36 / United States
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By  mk58

Just hole up in your room and don't get on his nerves. You don't want to end up a bloody mess, do you?


Seems like valid information to throw him out of your place. Next time do a thorough background check, including past roommates.

Well, at least you know. However, who told you this? Because if it's him, he might just be bullshitting you to stop you nagging him. Get confirmation on this story from someone else. Also, they managed to get rid of him without anyone dying (well, it's implied), so if he does try the same trick again, you should be able to get rid of him in the same way. Either way; be careful.

By  cmyk

Damn.. Instead of nagging, put them in his room, shower or make a trail to his room with them? Or just pull a gun on him too when he dosent clean up?

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