By finalssuck / Friday 21 May 2010 15:01 / United States
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  imbatman_fml  |  0

OP you're from Oklahoma, if you have a pulse and can locate the building you automatically pass the test. I heard of a lady who went to OU who majored in breathing with a minor in Indian gambling.

  ComMed1  |  0

with studying for the wrong test and not realizing it until the last minute shows thy even if you would of studied you would still fail bc you are an idiot.


41- dont call someone an idiot when you can't even use the past conditional. it's would have failed, not would of failed. on that note though, the op must be an airhead to not notice that they were studying the wrong material. also, just playing devil's advocate- maybe they didnt notice until an hour before the test was supposed to start, and they wrote this FML retroactively? JS

  RODEOqueen  |  0

42: cheat sheets are never the answer. My university gives you an automatic F in the course, and then you are either put on academic probation or expelled. NOT a good decision. That sucks OP, but hopefully you had a high enough average that a little blunder won't fail you, and you paid enough attention in class to know the basics.

  maliger  |  0

TO ALL PEOPLE WHO THINKS HE IS DUMB FOR NOT STUDYING AND USING FML The op didn't most likely write the FML post during that hour period because who is that dumb? The op most likely made this post afterwards but wrote the post like he did in order to keep parallel time frames so the post would make sense.

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