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  ImsoMikhail  |  5

24 that's the most retarded idea ever, if op does that then she's gonna go crazy, and end up as a mental patient. ( but in the other hand, that'll teach her parents)


Granny's all like. Today my bitch of a grandson comes to visit for 2 weeks because noone in the family likes him. All he does is complain. On top of that he smells like shit, has a meth problem and he pisses the bed so I have to spread cat litter to cover the smell of his stanking ass. FML


I bet they wrre deciding who had to stay or whatever, and you half heartidly offered tp stay home. And now your complaining but really its your fault. I dont know thats just my guess what happened. if not then im sorry your family hates you :/ haha

By  torrlynn37  |  7

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