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Hi, Op here! Thank you for all the kind comments (and yes, I am searching for a new job so I could leave). To clarify: my boss has very bad memory and she likes to blame people. It was only yesterday when my coworkers told about me having become the new scapegoat. It is not a daily occurrence; she's claimed a couple of times that I should have done something, when in reality she had forgotten to tell me about these tasks. It is a small office and everyone knows which days I have off, so my coworkers didn't tell me about it - they never believed any of her stories anyway. All claims were made only in front of three other people, we share a room, so naturally they knew I wasn't there on those days. Clogging the toilet and losing keys, however, were such remarkably stupid claims that they felt I should know. She found her keys and apologised in front of everyone, clogging the toilet was a passing remark ("oh, maybe it was her!") that she's probably already forgotten. Still, I don't want to work for someone who badmouths her employees behind their back. I am currently filling a job application - fingers crossed!
By cocacola999 - / Wednesday 15 June 2016 02:38 / Estonia - Tabasalu
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By  Dave_Davington  |  27

The fuck? It would seem the comment I was actually replying to, #4, was deleted, and my reply got shunted to #3, where it makes no goddamn sense. I have to say, I've never seen that happen before.

By  keepmelikeanoath  |  13

oooooh, I had a boss like that too, turned all of by coworkers against me by telling lies. If you happen to be able to get a new job, I would highly recommend it. If not, good luck!

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