By Bad Mother - / Thursday 8 October 2015 11:53 / United Arab Emirates - Dubai
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By  wellhi  |  7

What a cat-astrophe.

By  whoredom  |  21

maybe your son shouldn't be so catty. However maybe with that attitude they'll be eating out of his paws. I'm sure he has a great purrpose

By  tranced_  |  39

Keep calm and love cats :3

By  yea_its_me123  |  13

Haha what an original name for a cat! Looks like a cats got your tongue!


Today, I brought home a new small glass necklace and put it somewhere I figured that the cats couldn't reach. I was wrong. Now I will be looking through kitty litter to find something smaller than a dime. Talk about needle in a haystack. FML

By ShayShay48 - / Wednesday 2 September 2015 21:39 / United States - Grand Rapids

Today, my grandpa set out snare traps to catch the foxes that have been around our property, because he wanted to protect our dog from being attacked by them. I then got a phone call from my dad telling me our dog got caught in one. FML

By C_Ramirez1695 / Saturday 1 August 2015 02:31 / United States - Houston
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