By caughtorangehanded - / Friday 1 October 2010 22:12 / United States
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  iHOOT4Hooters  |  0

Just go to Florida beach, walk up to some random group of chicks and say, "Hey ladies, I have some Florida oranges here. Feel free to give them a squeeze, but watch out, orange juice might come out from the orange tree."

  MAGNAVOX  |  0

Ydi for not having a girl that gives you hjs,bjs, and has sex with you.

  5t3ff1k4h  |  43

142 - I don't use them anymore, and when I did, it was only once or twice. I don't see why your comment should be directed towards me. I'm also happy with my pale skin.

  xmmichelleex  |  0

just put the lotion on ur other hand and tell people ur hands were dry and u thought it was hand cream. dont worrry bout the other part cause no one will prob see that anyway hahaaa

  simonsaysYDI  |  8

144- 99% of the worlds population will admit they masturbate. 1% of the worlds population are liars. Which are you? =) Now, go read a book. Everyone knows masturbation is healthy.

  Suds29990  |  0

And you don't think maybe his brother might have seen that t.v series and thought, hey now theres an idea? I love how people seem to think since it's happened before it will never happen again, even if it was just a t.v show or a movie.


157... Oh. I think you took that the wrong way. I didn't intend to insult your paleness. *Facepalm* Pardon my idiotness. 207... Hello. It is, indeed, unusual to happen upon someone with the name Kyla.. Nice to meet you.

By  2riteluvonherarm  |  0

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By  Manda_Goes_Rawrr  |  0

fail. ydi for not having a girlfriend(;

  jt525  |  1

wow fkin Brit chick go suck on some teabags. you might as well scream your ass off you fkin screamo fag. Nuff said. and btw, you're really ugly

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