By Jon - / Monday 18 January 2010 20:26 / United States
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By  bladelix3  |  0

your sister was the stripper to jump. out of the cake I bet.

  PeopleRSoDumb  |  0

#1, #2, and #5 are all RETARDED. This is an epic FML. Hilarious and original. Favorite.

  JulzKay  |  0

... Are your PARENTS brother and sister? Did they have this FML happen to them, and roll with it anyways? =S

By  beccartist  |  1

this doesn't make sense! was ur sister the stripper ther... cuz that's disturbing.

By  Beast1226  |  0


  smnc  |  0

Beast1226 - you are hilarious :)

By  tinetine_fml  |  0

This does not make sense.

  MrsDruidess  |  23

I personally don't think OP has any right to be upset that his sister is a striper, upset that she was the one in the cake yes, but its hypocritical to want a striper and be upset that your sister is one. Just a thought.

By  gobbledegook  |  0

are you a guy?

  TallMist  |  31

#253 I'm a bisexual girl and I'd be pleasantly surprised to see a stripper in my cake. I wouldn't purposely hire a stripper myself, but I wouldn't complain if someone did that for me. That is, unless I really wanted a quiet day.

  threer  |  30

Male strippers exist.

  flawedgenius  |  6

Actually. I think it has been used in a sitcom. but cant remember what. Stand up routines have covered this.

and definitely a film (one example being Erika Eleniak in "Under Siege") there are probably others.

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