By diapersplease - / Sunday 7 June 2015 01:17 / United States - Buffalo
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By  zeusdom  |  15

I'm sure that must have "pissed" you off

  devildog562  |  33

My thought is , why on earth would she clean it up? Unless it is the only bathroom or something. I wouldn't want to clean anyone else's fluid up of I can help it. Besides everyone knows sword fighting belongs outside not in the house.

By  RickySleeves  |  20

I'd be so pissed off

  Jake42100  |  17

Your pun is bad,And you should feel bad...You basically took #1's comment by the way...

By  Otherhats  |  20

If it works it works? Anyway, straighten out there path. Hehe, see what I did there?

By  TheBelt  |  19

You gotta give the man props I mean at least he taught him how to use the toilet now all you gotta do is teach him how to clean his mess after he's done.

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