By Anonymous - / Monday 25 October 2010 00:36 / Australia
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By  TeaLover_fml  |  0

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  stephanie0613  |  0

Ugh I choose to believe that people aren't as dumb and ignorant as #1 but people always prove me wrong. Op, FYL I don't understad how someone can get aroused by jersey shore? and now that the season is over what are you going to do? You should buy the season and play it everyday like 7 times a day :D

  LisaBanana  |  0

hmm, I don't think there are other states except the united states, hun.

  mike3775  |  29

Thats what I would do Get every single episode, put it on Tivo, and have it always playing when she around. Pause at the end, get some, play next ep, rinse and repeat

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