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So she's retaking her position as boss of you yet again. I can tell who wore the condom in that relationship.


no McDonalds won't accept my application because I have a criminal record and I'm no longer allowed to be around kids...


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64 they don't even let me near pets, plants and death row inmates. Why do you think they let me on the internet?


Am I the only one that comments like #3s are really stupid? "can you spell _______" it just seems really dumb way to put things...

Someone's got a SERIOUS stalker! You may need to tell HR about your past, so they don't put her over you and in a position to dominate you. Hopefully, your company has a policy forbidding strap-ons in the workplace ;)

By  Cjob

I'm not too big on black mailing.. But if you have some left over pictures from the relationship maybe that could help out some?

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