By SpikeStanley / Thursday 20 October 2011 06:56 / United States
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  IceeCreamm  |  7

he's technically single when you're not there? :(

  LePwnapple  |  0

Come on, everyone loves a little cheating every now and then.


Don't think he'll care very much #1 if he's been doing it as long as he has.
Better for Op to break it off of course.
(whom I think is a guy btw.)
I just hope Op didn't decide to stay with him. :/


I know. I was saying his boyfriend probably wouldn't care since he's been doing what he's been doing. He's probably only stayed with op out of familiarity. It's the same thing my friend is doing to his fiancé.

By  leadman1989  |  15

NOPE Just Chuck Testa!

What I'm saying is that you're boyfriend is dead I'm sorry for your loss

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