By Anonymous - / Tuesday 15 May 2012 14:13 / United States
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  StanSmith_fml  |  9

Kind of like Roger. That damn alien is full of surprises.

By  Talkryz  |  7

Maybe you shouldn't have ask


I kind of agree with you. If my best friend was having a party and didn't invite me, I probably wouldn't ask. There's a reason why people don't want you in certain places, so you shouldn't appose.


Nah, if my best friend was having a party and didn't invite me I'd ask her. We've been through enough shit together and are close enough so that if there was really a reason she didn't invite me, she'd just be honest and tell me. With an acquaintance maybe not, but a best friend, yeah.

  CockAsian  |  14

94 - You need to go.
And 92 - I just found the picture funny because I already had this name in mind and this picture seemed to go with it perfectly.

By  XKXKKXK  |  10

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