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By  RichardPencil  |  22

So, two weeks without your car is the best-case scenario. My grandpa told me, "There are two things you never lend out: your car and your wife -- neither of them will come back the same!"

By  RichardPencil  |  22

So, two weeks without your car is the best-case scenario. My grandpa told me, "There are two things you never lend out: your car and your wife -- neither of them will come back the same!"

  species4872  |  19

Your game is improving Richard.

By  maikeru1979  |  17

1 question and 1 comment....Is the car registered in YOUR NAME? if YES....REPORT IT STOLEN! if you are the registered owner and YOU DIDN'T give them permission to use it, then they are driving around in a stolen car. I know it is family but you have to do what you have to do.

  allie2590  |  29

Sure, it's logical, but could YOU call the cops on your own grandparents? I mean, maybe you're one of the few people who could, but most people online just talk big.

  species4872  |  19

Your compassion and generosity is only exceeded by your audacity.

  RinoaHeartilly  |  28

If I told my grandparents the situation and they still took it, you bet your ass I would call the cops on them. Just because they're family doesn't mean they get away with treating you like shit.

  MrsBugi  |  13

That's just awful. The mother told the grandparents they could use it. Which means they might think their grandchild also okayed it. You don't just disrespect your own grandparents without having spoken to them. You can't just assume that they know you didn't consent when you haven't spoken to the about it. The mature thing to do would be to discuss it with them and then advise the mother that she cannot loan out a vehicle that is not hers. Now it's also possible that the car is registered to the mother but the daughter is the one who drives it. In that case the mother has the right to loan it out. More info needed from OP!

By  RockPrincess26  |  13

If you let them continue to use it, then the real question here is: "Will you actually be getting your car back in two weeks?" Four accidents sounds like your car might not survive their horrible driving. Also, see if you can get a doctor to sign an official paper stating that they're not allowed to drive anymore. That is, if their accidents are due to the facts that they can't see as well, and/or that their reaction time is slow. My great grandmother isn't allowed to drive for both of those reasons. The roads are safer without those who have these issues.


I agree pops and mema can't drive anymore. if I had to I would move for two weeks and stay at a friends house. my grandmother was nearly blind no one would listen to me about it. then she drove into a drug store. Ty god no one including her was hurt, car was beyond repair.

By  mariri9206  |  32

Then you best tell your mom that she better lend them HER car, since she made the promise/offer and she can't just offer your car. The only person who can offer the use of your car is you.

By  lukcy_basartd  |  11

Just how many fucks did you run thru before posting, I sincerely feel your pain. Tell your grandparents no, its for the best. You could also tell them why. Here's why: You spoke with your insurance company and given their recent track record, they won't temporarily insure them. I just went thru a similiar thing where my engine died on me and had to borrow my grandmothers 2nd car. She went thru her insurance (allstate) and my driving record is decent so I'm on her policy for a short period of time. So just tell em you'd like to help but unfortunately your insurance won't cover them if anything were to happen and you'd be held liable. If the situation persists insist they cover your car under their insurance...doubt they'd wanna do that tho cuz their premiums are prob super gnarly at this point but in all seriousness if they can't insure themselves then it becomes a legal issue. Best of luck on it all.

By  Regulate  |  20

I would let my Nan borrow my car as she let me use hers when I was learning. Key word there is "I". If your parents bought your car or have put a lot of money into it, though, then what can you do? It's not really "yours". If it is all yours then don't let people touch your shit!

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