By Enanimus - / Friday 25 September 2015 18:45 / United States - Mountain View
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By  haymac  |  13

I was once pulling weeds and apparently touched poison ivy. Then I went to take a leak

  phreaker913  |  21

this one time in high school, my ex and i were hooking up in the woods behind the school. aparantly in a big patch of poison ivy. she ended up with a head to toe rash. it was not a pretty sight. thats also when i learned i was immune to it. needless to say she was nowhere near as happy as i was about this

By  chaseafterwind82  |  29

What were you both doing that resulted in you being smeared from head to toe with her handcream? Wait, I don't think I want to know...

By  mld4657  |  28

Did you put it on yourself?

By  enginsteve  |  16

Why was it on your balls?

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