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Yeah, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that your grandma lives a secret life as a man (who embellishes his stories) not too far from you. The facts just line right up.

Okay, um, wow. That probably did some serious damage to your vein. I'm not normally a proponent of lawsuits, but I think you should request damages.


You would like damages my good sir? Okay let me stick this needle in your arm, but first let me untie my shoes!

I hope that you and the nurse (or whoever was administering the shot) is okay! That's definitely enough to make me want to not go back there for a long time. FYL OP, hope you're doing okay.

What exactly are they doing when using a needle that'd make them slip and fall? That sounds like a "stand still 'til it's over" situation.


People with basic reading comprehension, I'd imagine. Try reading some books sometime, preferably ones that don't have pop-up flaps.

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