By Anonymous / Friday 24 February 2012 12:30 / United States
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  SokDek  |  14

That's what she said.

  melchibr_fml  |  0

I honestly can't comprehend how this is even possible. First he would need to be doing the belt up near his sack, and then how do you actually get it caught using a belt? I've done this with my zipper before, and that hurts like hell. Never have I ever caught it in a belt before though; you are very unlucky OP, FYI.

  cunningchick  |  1

I'm not sure how it got stuck but I might know why his pants were there, I'll bet (figuritvly) that he's one of thoose retards that wear their pants below their asses,

  n_epic_fail  |  14

OP, if you were sagging your pants like you're "straight outta Compton" and using that belt to keep your jeans right under your ass, It's a YDI (this is the only way I can see OP in this predicament).

  Googoo27  |  12

I'm sorry, but I must do this, 31... Haven't, I've, nearly, circumcised. I hate correcting people, but I had to. Even if this is fmylife.com, and not a thesis on Prussia.


125- thank you for having a picture that tops my comment ten fold. And it was a hunting accident, not my proudest or smartest moment. But I'm alive and have learned from it!

By  omfg_creepers  |  8

" I also found out what it was like to then fall over, spill my coffee on my children's bible and cry like a little girl."

  Hollandiscrazy  |  12

But he loves kinky sex. The sound of leather slapping booty... The sound of whipping boobs... The sound of exploding balls between belt buckles. Gotta love it girl! Edit: HOLY FUCK YOU'RE 15! I'M SO SORRY!

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