By Mom - / Saturday 11 June 2011 17:25 / United States
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By  Nikki_ASW  |  0

Isn't that spiderman....?

By  tydoherty8  |  0

hahaha that's hilarious don't worry he's just having a good time fucking with people

By  Nikki_ASW  |  0

Isn't that spiderman....?

  yummyjam101  |  0

eat shit..!

By  mematteden  |  2

thats just a little weird jkjk

By  nadhirah  |  4

:( that's sad. sometimes all this online stuffs gets the better of us. it's really scary. if he gets so into it, he might need help. but if he's just trying to have fun, that's cool :))

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