By Thanks Honey - / Wednesday 5 June 2013 15:08 / United States
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  woainishamu  |  21

Just like you? HAHA just kidding!

  dancinwookie  |  21

#48- What a horribly mean thing to say to a person, even for the internet. Why? What need of your's was filled by such a low brow insult to her? And, out of no where? What the hell is the matter with your type? Why add more hatred and resentment to the world?

  woainishamu  |  21

#1. Ah my apologies. I didn't mean for it to sound so offensive. It was a horrible attempt at trying to be funny. Sorry about that.

By  LosAngelesGalaxy  |  7

You better hope that wasn't your pillow

By  wtfwhyfml  |  12

....The fuckle? Hope he remembers which he did that to, or else he's gunna be the one having fun with pink eye.

  Lil_Red777  |  21


  MrConcise  |  34

If you're gonna go slang, you might as well go 'finna'. It's more common in lower socioeconomic areas for all the wannabe OG's, it's a plausible typo for 'gonna' so you can laugh at people for being street ignorant, and it's still a contraction. All things we love / hate.

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