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I actually feel much more comfortable on my bike than in a car. When I was 15 someone crashed into the side of my mums car, right where I was sitting. The passenger seat I'd been in was completely crushed. Many of my bones were also crushed. Guess I'm just afraid of getting trapped in a car like that again.
By Kallian / Thursday 25 October 2012 07:08 / Australia
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  sadistmonkey  |  19

Keastwood013 - All that proves is that the van was parked there at the time that the photo was taken. It doesn't prove that the owner of the van touched the OP's bike.

  Feared  |  9

How awkward would it be if the van owner didn't move the bike? Keying the van is a little extreme, and will probably do more financial damage than a parking ticket.

  0ops_i_died  |  8

It would be pretty weird for someone to just decide "I'm bored, lets move this bike!" I think this van is the number one suspect! I would wait for the person to come back to the van (if time permitted) and try confronting them that way.

  norotors  |  16

But most van drivers are douchebags, it's still the prime suspect.

By  deedoubles  |  6

Take a photo of that and fight the ticket.

  BellaBelle_fml  |  23

How would taking a picture of the van or his motorcycle at this point help the OP in any way? Unless you think the OP, and everyone else for that matter, should start taking pictures of where they parked their vehicle in case something like this should happen again. As if people expect this sort of thing to happen to them on a regular basis. As a very wise woman recently said, "Ain't nobody got time for that!"

By  Shadow6969  |  0

Well that suck squeezs bangs and blows...
Sorry engine joke

By  Zoroark899  |  6

Not sure if YDI or not because I'm unsure if you parked in the van's slot originally or if it was move there. Lol. If you parked there originally, you definitely deserves it.



CS: Hello this is customer support, how may we serve you?

Zoroark8899: Ya, um I, like, can't use mah CPU, y'know???

CS: You'll have to be more specifi---

Zoroark8899: Ya um I press the on button but it won't boot! Wats up wit dat?

CS: Did you try plugging it in?

Zoroark8899: I thought that's what the WI-FI was for?

I can totally see this happening.

By  Epikouros  |  31

What a dickhead. People should be more grateful to future organ donors.

  Feared  |  9


  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

I think he's saying motorcycles are death traps. Which is so wrong. I've been riding for more then 12 years. 4 of those years on the road. It's dumbass drivers that kill us riders. There's no better feeling in the world then going on a relaxing cruise.

  CaptTeemo  |  10

It's not that motorcycles are more likely to get in an accident, it's that the outcome is so deadly for the motorcyclist. The only thing really protecting you is your helmet, which isn't that much if your going about 40mph or higher

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

It is more dangerous but that's really part of the appeal of bikes. You feel this sense of freedom. You aren't stuck in some cage. Yes, it is much more deadly but you learn very fast that you need to be paying attention to everything around you. I do wear a helmet though, a lot of older riders don't. Which I think is the dumbest thing they could ever do.

  feldco1  |  17

While people should look for motorcycles, there are those riders that weave in and out of lanes, drive in between cars and don't wear a helmet. Those people set themselves up to get hit.

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

Doc I wrecked 2 times on the road. One was over 40 mph and nothing more than a bad case of road rash happened. I was wearing a helmet, if I wasn't it would have been much worse. So + 2 for me 0 for the road. My friend died in a car accident so cars can be just as dangerous as a motorcycle. Sorry for so many comments but I hate when people think motorcycles are death traps.

  Epikouros  |  31

#24 I'm not blaming you, CallMeMcFeelii, I'm thanking you. At least if you are registered as a donor. There's a serious shortage of organ donors in many countries, partly because people don't bother to register and partly because traffic has become too safe.

It's not my problem if Doc hates fixing up people after avoidable accidents.

  McAninch35  |  9

I understand why people dislike motorcycles. But I've been around them, and people who understand them, all my life. They can be just as safe as a car, and 10x more fun.


24- I totally agree with you that other dumbass drivers are a huge problem when it comes to bikers, but that doesn't make it any less deadly. You could be the most responsible, safe, alert bike rider ever but that still won't prevent idiots from hitting you. And, as stated before, you're more likely to get seriously injured or killed while on a motorcycle as opposed to in a car.

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

My uncle was killed on his motorcycle by an idiot who didn't look. He had been riding for over 25 years. He only got into one accident before that and it was to miss a car who almost hit him. He wore a full body amour suit, boots, gloves, and helmet no matter how hot it was (he lived in Los Angeles). When he died, the impact of the truck killed him. So the road had nothing to do with it. It is true though: there are amazing riders out there who are very cautious and then their are the idiot riders weaving thru traffic, going 90, wearing, shorts, t-shirt, and flip flops...thinking nothing will ever happen to them.

  Kallian_fml  |  21

I actually feel much more comfortable on my bike than in a car. When I was 15 someone crashed into the side of my mums car, right where I was sitting. The passenger seat I'd been in was completely crushed. Many of my bones were also crushed. Guess I'm just afraid of getting trapped in a car like that again.

  horneyhic  |  15

Doc if you don't crash then it doesn't matter how much protection you have. So really the cause of the accident is more dangerous then the result no cause no accident

By  iNewKid  |  16

Remember the license plate of the van, track the adress of the person from the van and give him the ticket.

By  Olivxr  |  5

all of the thread starterssss

  Jaxx66  |  21

People that drive trucks suck! They have to much torque for me to win in a short race. :( stupid trucks.

Oh and they ride your ass even though you're already going 15MPH over the speed limit, you move over to let them pass and they just sit there. But you had to move anyway because they are much taller than your car and blind you with their brights.. Ugh ugh.

By  gracehi  |  31

Well, look on the bright side. With the money you save on fuel with that motorcycle, you can afford the tickets when assholes move your bike into illegal parking zones.

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