By Anonymous - / Wednesday 24 December 2014 14:43 / United States - Herndon
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One time when it was Easter and I was really little, my family and I were celebrating Easter in California. When looking for eggs, there was one hidden next to some cactuses (cacti? Cactus'? Not sure on that spelling). My brother and I both went for it, but I got it and he fell onto the cactus. All his eggs fell out and it's every man for themselves and so I started takin his while he was crying after landing on the cactus. I just realized how savage of a four year old I was...


That's true, but I think if they were allergic things could be a lot worse, right? I got stung by one bee over the past summer and it hurt like hell, my entire foot swelled for days. The doctor said I wasn't allergic, and that my body just did what is normal to try to get the venom out (or whatever... I'm not quite sure what exactly he said, lol). I can't even imagine going through multiple stings AND being allergic, too. So, whatever the case may be, I hope OP is doing well. :)

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