By Dickhead / Friday 25 November 2011 15:02 / Lebanon
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  DrDilllonReese  |  12

Your girlfriend is funny. So funny I would say punny

  Feklfekl2222  |  32

5- Do you even know he meaning of the word punny? I really doubt you do......

By  BigBacker  |  0

Use the condom and fuck her, them go back to being a Dick. Free condoms and sex, doesn't sound too bad haha. She got you good though FYL

By  joee182  |  3

she coulda been more creative instead of using some lame joke ha

  joee182  |  3

14:its just me ive heard it before its one of those jokes you laugh at the first time you hear it then after its not funny but thats just me

  Yanaa_fml  |  0

Well it's not creative, since she didn't come up with it on her own. I saw this on tumblr last month.

  ikickgingers  |  15

Yes--because nobody reuses phrases they have seen before.

Ahhahahaghddjisiii jajsjsjs. uehhfj Diegojdjbd disks sjsjsjsi sjsjsjsi shauaijendndj.

^^ I made that up. It's short in ikickgingers for stfu.

  awesomeamandas  |  34

84, how do you know she didn't actually think of this on her own? I say things all the time that I've never heard or read anywhere then come across the same thing at a later time.
just because YOU saw it on tumblr doesn't mean she did.

By  taytoc  |  10

That must Rly hurt u on the inside. Just letting u know u deserve it dick

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