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I think it depends on how she told them. There isn't any reason to be rude. But he definitely should know she doesn't like it.


Maybe don't wait so long next time. Maybe he feels bad because he thought he was pleasing you for a long time.


"Oh baby. I'll turn you on like a refrigerator...... but, y'know, when you switch the refrigerator from off to on."

I've always found communication in a relationship always helps. Talk to him about what gets you going and try to come to a compromise. If you don't like it, you did right by telling him. Although he did cry, just explain to him what he's doing wrong so he can try and Better himself. All about communication.

Hey you had to tell him sometime I guess? I'm sure he would rather know what he's doing wrong, and possibly have to improve it, it'll be okay OP :)

If you can't even give him your honest opinion that could lead to an unhealthy relationship I know from experience

At least he was trying. That's all you can ask for. Maybe try to sit down and have a talk with him if it's uncomfortable for you.

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