By indierocklove / Wednesday 3 August 2011 16:55 / United States
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  AaronTkr  |  0

lol. isn't part of the plot in that movie finding a Twinkie? I'd suggest watching something else if your trying to motivate yourself to lose weight.

  RainXD  |  0


  kameryn25  |  3

you're fine as long as you follow the rules 1. cardio 2. The double tap 3. beware of bathrooms 4. wear seat belts 5. travel light 6. get a kick ass partner 7. don't swing low 8. use your foot 9. always carry a change of underwear 10. limber up 11. it's a marathon, not a sprint, unless it's a sprint then sprint 12. avoid strip clubs 13. when in doubt know your way out 14. shoot first 15. a little sun screen never hurt anybody 16. double-knot your shoes 17. the buddy system 18. pack your stain stick 19. check the back seat 20. enjoy the little things

By  fijianchick  |  0

...wow o.O

  TeeHee124  |  0

um... yeah, that's pretty much what the OP said, thanks for, er, clarifying that...

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