FML - The follow-up

Today, I finally received the last check from my insurance company after my house flooded 10 months ago. Tonight my house flooded again. FML

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OP here. First of all: Yay! It got published! Second to those who say I deserve it or should move: I own my condo, so not able to move at this point. I do not live in a flood zone or swamp. Both floods have been sewage backups from blockages at least 150 feet from my condo. The one 10 months ago happened while I was at work--that was a disaster. This time my neighbors flooded (badly) on both sides. Water from one neighbor came under our shared wall. Not too bad this time and I was able to get t
By itwasalongnight / Sunday 2 February 2014 11:32 /
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I gave you a thumbs up cause that does suck. Also I want to know if the house flooded because of a storm or because of plumbing issues. Cause if it's plumbing issues they need to find a better plumber


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