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Hey guys, OP Here. I don't hate my job. My boss works awesomely with my schedule, I make a ton of money, and I work with a bunch of good people. I try my best to welcome everyone who comes in when I'm at the lead register, but my store can get about 8-900 customers a day, so my welcomes can be a little reflexive. I had just gotten up that morning, after working a 9 hour shift the night before, with a 7 hour shift ahead of me. I heard the cat push the door open, and I said it half-asleep with my siblings all around the table.
By Deweyboy - / Monday 21 December 2015 18:01 / United States
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By  Pokefinch27  |  17

I think it may be time for you to get a new job

  bubbat101  |  31

I work varied shifts, but tend to work mostly afternoons/evenings. Every once in a while I will get a morning shift and I will end up saying "Have a good night...er afternoon...er day or whatever it is." They usually end up laughing.

  jocamo  |  22

When I was working at a call center I once asked the cashier at the dollar store if there was anything else I could assist her with as we were ending the transaction. I guy who worked with me checked the availability of his eggs once (we booked hotel rooms) it gets to be automatic


Seriously though. After working where I do now, I fold all of my shirts the way we quarter-fold them at work. I will even "edge" them so that they are lined up straight and the front edge out of habit.


Today, we got a new employee at work. I said hi, and told her that if she needed help figuring out our computer system, then to give me a call. She promptly accused me of sexual harassment and filed a complaint against me. FML

By OfficeDroneWoman - / Tuesday 23 July 2013 17:16 / United States - Gaithersburg

Today, I finally got up the courage to quit my first job. I spent hours determining the most professional way; the method, and the wording I would use. In the middle of the phone call, my manager hung up on me. FML

By anniemonkat - / Monday 13 July 2015 06:22 / United States - Bucyrus
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