By sinceresally - / Tuesday 3 January 2017 22:26 /
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So she never talked to you again. Of course, since this happened yesterday, it means that she hasn't talked to you for a few hours. Just apologize and try to phrase your question better next time. For instance: "Oh, nice tattoo, what's the story behind it?".

I so want to see the tattoo! Also, OP, don't feel too bad, if people can't figure out your tattoo after looking at it for four months, maybe another tattoo artist would have been a better choice.

By  species4872

And now you're workmate finally realized what her tattoo really is.


Today, one of my online friends told me he's bought a plane ticket, so he can come visit me. I've told him multiple times before that I'm uncomfortable with this idea, but he keeps telling me to stop joking, and reminding me that he'll have no other place to stay. FML

By LolAtMyPosts - / Sunday 15 September 2013 18:04 / Canada - Halifax
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