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I was thinking that exact same thing. My mom did that for my brother. They have bullseye stickers now that you put in your toilet so guys can aim. Make it a game for them. Men love games


I read about an experiment they did in Switzerland where they took black light to a urinal line and figured some measurement of missed piss. they cleaned it then installed little porcelain flies in the backs and tested again, the aim increased by 95% lol

By  nider

I could never understand why some guys are hopeless at urinating in the toilet: if you stand over the toilet rather than away from it then any drips naturally fall into the bowl rather than on the floor.


you can't sneeze while having a piss. your brain won't let it. your Brain says "STOP PISSING! WE'RE GOING TO SNEEZE NOW!" because your brain knows... you might blow your asshole out.

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