By Foodcomesfirst - / Tuesday 24 November 2009 20:07 / United Kingdom
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  28actress  |  22

She also may not have been out for very long. If she only fainted for a minute or so, it is unlikely that her brother would have even had time to notice

  vapors  |  0

Well, she might just have fainted for like 30sec or 1 min. And why would he notice? Its not like she fell down the stairs and made alot of noise. Check for diabetes.

By  perdix  |  29

You were right. There was something wrong with you. What was your brother supposed to do? Isn't it enough that he had to make his own sammich?

By  allysonnn  |  0

next time be near another person because you could have fell and hit your head hard and then im pretty sure your brother would notice also, you were probably hungry

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