By anon / Tuesday 12 October 2010 21:52 / United States
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By  Slim_Shadyy_fml  |  0

oooooo, that sucks. get a new husband hahahaha

  shhhh_x0  |  0

I wouldn't wanna drop my yogurt either. I mean come on, haven't you guys seen the commercials ? you can eat key-lime pie & lose weight at the same time ! suck it up OP, your boyfriends staying healthy for you while you're over here fainting all over the place. selfish.

  landland  |  0

honestly somebody fainting and falling is pretty hard to predict so by the time it comes to mind...it's probably too late...unless he was directly behind op. chances are the the husband is not a jerk and a lot of people needa learn some common sense

  stronghand0331  |  17

Yogurt is clearly the most important meal of the day. You have breakfast, brunch, lunch time, mid-day snack, hammer-time, YOGURT time!!!, dinner and dessert. He was getting his nutrients. Man UP!

  seanders  |  10

Fuck you OP. That yogurt was a once in a lifetime chance, where you'll be around until he dies, or you. I'm assuming you, since you'll propably pick somewhere hilarious and deadly to faint one day.

  iheartowls  |  0

66- Here you are telling somebody that there is no reason to be rude. Please take a look at your comment where you called the OP a whiny bitch. Can we say, the pot calling the kettle black?

  Hgielad_720  |  0

88, if you didn't get it, my comment was a joke. I was just kidding. Get a sense of humor, geez.
67, I said I didn't edit THAT MUCH. So learn to read before you make some stupid comment telling me that I'm a no one. At least I have a picture of myself up, unlike some people.

  iRyanJr  |  0

I prefer funny pics; making people laugh out loud/laugh to themselves is what I do. Also, I could easily google a random picture and put it up, like many others on this website.

  Hgielad_720  |  0

109, I'm so glad you know how much I edited my picture. And please enlighten me, how do I look like a dick?
117, I understand that and your pictures are funny, but it offends me when you attack my picture for no reason.

  Stormblessed  |  0

lol 38, I'd personally prefer "double fail," "multi fail," "ultra fail," "M-M-M-M-M-MONSTER FAIL!" However, in today's day and age, I suppose a Halo reference will have to suffice.

As for OP: it disappoints me to say this, but it doesn't matter who the man is in relation to you, chivalry of any kind is all but dead in the world, or hadn't you noticed.?

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