By Noname - / Friday 20 February 2009 23:42 / United States
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By  Seegtease  |  0

For those of you who think the mother was "wrong" to do that: It's her money. She has no obligation to pay, and if I found out that this lousy behavior and irresponsibility was happening on my funds, you bet he'd get no more funding.

Totally deserved.

By  Kisharu  |  0

Wow. That's GOTTA suck. But, that's what happens when you use weed.

By  Kisharu  |  0

Wow. That's GOTTA suck. But, that's what happens when you use weed.

  JSskater  |  0

just cause you smoke weed doesn't mean your stupid I smoke daily and still maintain a 3.8GPA

  spikeisfat  |  6

Looks like we got a badass over here!

  iceyluv  |  9

I have been smoking marijuana daily for over a year and have never been reckless. Drinking alcohol does that. so your comment should say " That's what happens when you get drunk."

By  pogostick_fml  |  2

Your mom's overreacting.

  FlyMeAway  |  2

Not really. Her son (or daughter) is spending his college time drinking and getting high instead of studying.
I'm not saying you can't have fun in college, but OP shouldn't be doing weed or drinking (unless he's of age where he is and it's legal)

By  ummmyeahhh  |  0

wow, everyone, WAY to overreact.
1. s/he never said s/he was high, just drunk.
2. s/he's away from parents, free for the first time. it's okay to relax.
3. college is the time to party. it's practically your job. as my parents say, it's the best four years of my life, and my only chance to party. after all of this, i have to pay.
4. the only mistake was drunk dialing the MOTHER. that's where everything went wrong. SHE was the one overreacting.

By  ridiculous_gnome  |  0

That kind of crazy paranoid does not come from alcohol or weed... but say you were drunk and tired that they will relax...

btw... why the hell do you call your mum when you're high?? where were your friends to stop you from doing that crap?? should b "today i woke up and realized that my friends dont give a crap to me, fml"

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