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Did you tell them to go and suck a fuck? Because your father in law is a grown-ass man and you can't be accountable for his comings and goings.

Sounds like he needed a full blown chaperone.... Not your fault op... Next time I guess drop him off at the bus station, and point him toward the short bus..:D

Yeah, this of his fault, not yours. What were you supposed to do, check in for him? He's a grown man and needs to take responsibility for his mistakes. You did him a favour by driving him, next time he asks for a ride there, tell him to find someone else, or take a cab, or the bus.

Maybe you should of went in with him and help him and rememind him I know it was a friend but mainly because he is older and get confused a lot but still his fault


How old do you think he is? He could literally be in his 40's he is totally old enough to not need being held by the hand


haha "old people". Older usually means wiser. This sounds like the kind of father in law that makes his wife lay out his clothes and pack his lunch because he would embarrass her.

If you are old enough to drive, you can't get in trouble for things like this. You should no that. Hence, ydi

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