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Thanks for the reminder! The tricky part was opening the buttons of the pants and pulling them down one-handed.. I've got the butt-wiping down now :). Also, it's more of a metaphor for being dependent!


OP, I've broken my thumb AND burnt all ten fingertips before. It really makes you realize how much you use your thumbs/fingertips for when you can't tie laces, undo buttons, etc. XD


Op as #13 said, you only know how hard it is when you don't have both hands (paraphrase). I'm a left hand amputee and have been through this. You can do this. I have to live this forever, but you will heal. Look to that and don't let it get you down. Life is a learning experience if you let it. You will get passed this, but it will be a lesson you will never forget.

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