By ihateeverything - / Wednesday 14 January 2015 17:35 / United States - Granbury
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By  Bquillero16  |  18

Well just explain it a little more clearly! Haha

  SirMichael  |  13

It doesn't matter how clearly you explain it "I was apologizing for a dream, I didn't really cheat on you" sounds like you really mean "I shouldn't have told you the truth and I think you're stupid enough to fall for this excuse."

  Just_A_Tree  |  20

OP should play "Just a Dream" by Nelly really loud whenever she's around her (ex?)boyfriend.

Subtle hints are the best ways of making things known.
That and keeping stupid little things like dreams to ourselves also helps in these scenarios.

But, hey! I may be wrong...

By  Mii99  |  16

Ehhh, it's kind of unusual imo

By  heirofhope  |  38

That sounds bad OP, I'm sorry that happened. However, if you weren't fully awake, you may have wanted to wait 'till morning to avoid this kind of problem. I'm sorry, I really hope you can clear it up.

By  Le_ponderer  |  14

If you get to sleep in the same bed with him again, pretend to sleep-talk & say "I love my boyfriend and would never cheat on him". Problem solved.

By  aceinthedeck  |  4

That sucks! I think your bf should trust you more. I hope you will clear things soon!

  VonBlitzkrieg  |  27

The problem is OP. See, it sounds like absolute bullshit. While half-asleep she probably just said she cheated, and now "it was in a dream, though" sounds like bullshit.

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