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By  hailphire130  |  0

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  xdust  |  4

Ha ha! I just watched No Country For Old Men too. I got that right away. Good comment no matter what people rate it, they are just not cultured enough to get it.

  RedPillSucks  |  30

Some times there's an error in the minting, like stuff stamped twice or upside down. If there's only a few of those errors, the coins can be worth a lot, even if it's a new coin. Of course, sometimes they do this on purpose to encourage collecting.

  apndi  |  8

I don't collect coins, but I do happen to have a few foreign ones. It's kinda cool, they come in different shapes and everything.


Yeah I have been collecting for only a 2 weeks and have collected 3 war nickels and 2 1913 mercury dimes. That's worth about 300 bucks in all. All I have been doing is paying in cash for smaller purchases and looking through my change, so I think it is totally worth it, definitely in this economy!

By  Enigmax2514  |  7

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