By Anonymous - / Tuesday 3 July 2012 23:50 / Australia - Melbourne
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By  zandalee  |  19

Time to ask her why. Did she have a good sex drive before you guys had children?
Do you still romance her?
When was the last time you guys went on a date? Think about why she doesn't want to make love. Is she too exhausted? Do you help around the place?

  xSheaa  |  7

When people leave useless comments that have no worth to the OP or anyone.

  wow_idc  |  0

Your child is young, so I'm assuming you are relatively young too, OP, and if your relationship is this frayed so early on, imagine the later years! Maybe you were just being too maudlin...

By  theamazingone_12  |  7

thats no bueno senor, hope you can figure out a solution to your predicament

  22cute  |  17

One solution is to start your romantic advances OUTSIDE the bedroom. Romance her throughout the day & she'll be interested by bedtime.
Another is to get more creative with quickies and venues. Little kids make sex difficult in the best of relationships.

By  shawnaishere  |  14

That's sad, makes me how you found out though

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