By blacktyaffair / Wednesday 9 November 2011 14:48 / United States
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  m0tl3ycru3  |  0

Sure here's $5000

*hands over monopoly money

By  sparkles0103  |  4

maybe you should consider investing in a washing machine. eww

  Marcella1016  |  26

4 is pointing out that since the dog only ate the crotches they must've smelled and the dirty panties must've been lying around. Hence, the recommendation to invest in a washer.

  geekemo92  |  0

It's called a laundry hamper. I don't do my laundry every day. Sorry for those picky rich folks that can afford to run a load in the washer for just a pair of underwear. I'm being practical/normal.

  EpicPear  |  0

Yeah because every "dog" loves boners.

  nabee26  |  15

Your dog eats your underwear??? Wow!!! Usually dogs eat some pretty gross things so maybe your underwear were super gross and had nasty discharge and he just loves to eat it up!! Gross!!!
Proper vaginal cleaning prevents this. My dog has NEVER eaten my underwear. Maybe your dog is trying to tell you something!

  meliesFML  |  0

my 7 month dog does it too! @68 it's not that I leave my underwear on the floor .. my dog goes to my laundry room and eats the dirty ones. which btw; she knows how to open doors. so don't be quick to assume OP or 11 is dirty!

  nabee26  |  15

Obviously your dog is telling you something. That your underwear are super gross and he loves that taste! Disgusting. C'mon, get it together girl!

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