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Today, I discovered that my cleaning lady steals valuables from me, and covered it up by saying that "the vacuum must've eaten it." FML

By lauren - / Thursday 8 July 2010 04:51 / United States
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  lololol32  |  0

Press charges OP. Make her pay it off in sweat and tears. Spill maple syrup all over the place and get the bitch to clean it. Like the guy above said, nothing is worse than a liar and a thief. Maybe get the police to investigate the legitimacy of her citizenship in the US as well.

  jplumbob  |  4

Tell me one reason why you need a cleaning lady. Stop being so fucking lazy and clean up after yourself. I can afford having a cleaner but would never do it. I believe in cleaning up after myself. She should be prosecuted for what she did but you deserve it for your laziness.

  Einstein714  |  0

I understand having a part time cleaning lady. with today's economy it helps to have 2 incomes to make it so the man and woman both work and the last thing hard working people want to do is clean when you get home

  lettertjes  |  0

Agreed with #42. Why waste time on cleaning when you can get someone to do that for you? (who's probably better at it than you are)
You can use the time you save to study for a promotion, or to spend with your children. That's not lazy, that's time efficient.

  jplumbob  |  4

42. Both my wife and myself work very hard. Like I said before we can afford to have a full time cleaner but choose not to. We decided long time ago that we clean up ourselves and not take the lazy way out. Anyways just like what happened to Op shows that you cannot trust anyone.

  _sam_urai_  |  2

I totally disagree with 42. If the economy is so bad that both people need to work, then they cannot afford to hire a cleaning person. It totally makes sense to go out and get two jobs and then hire someone else to clean up after your mess because you and your partner are so 'economically challenged'.

  DataWog  |  28

42- No one's even mentioning the people who WORK CLEANING HOUSES. For some people this IS THEIR JOB, and if no one was too lazy to clean their own house then they're out of work. When I was a kid, one of the 5 jobs my mom worked to put food on our table was cleaning houses. I am GRATEFUL to the people who are too lazy to clean their own house, otherwise I would not have had a roof over my head or clothes on my back. Look, some people have money, some people don't. If you're making a 6-figure income, it's not lazy of you not to clean your own house: it's inconsiderate of the people who could make a living cleaning your house to just do it yourself.

YES, these are tough economic times, and the people hit WORST are the people who DON'T have steady jobs that pay enough money to hire a cleaning lady! Such as, THE CLEANING LADY!

Now, the cleaning lady stealing is just wrong and paints people like my mother (who has since used her house-cleaning money to put herself through school and become a secretary in a union) in a bad light. Not all cleaning ladies are like this, and she should be arrested for stealing!

By  ily4life  |  0

your fault for having enough money to pay for a cleaning lady and no to replace the stuff she stole:P

  DataWog  |  28

Oh, absolutely. How dare she employ someone with less money than her! The absolute nerve of that woman. She should know not to pay someone to dust her shelves if she can't afford to replace those diamond earrings Nana brought with her through the holocaust.

I hope she never goes out to a restaurant, either. Or uses a valet. I mean, the valet couldn't possibly be some college kid trying to save up money, could he? No, all valets are out to steal cars and if he does, it's her fault for having enough money to pay someone to drive it but not enough to replace it.

By  VeryNice329  |  0

how about you clean your house yourself? like most people do. that way you only have lil ol' you to blame for missing valuables.

  Mr_26  |  0

Fuck that. If you got the money why not hire people to do shit for you? The cleaning lady won't mind getting the money to feed her and her family.

By  MarieXD  |  0

I agree with #10. Just clean your own house like a normal person.

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