By Anonymous - / Wednesday 17 July 2013 01:55 / United States - Port Orchard
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  ex_stripper_jk  |  20

If an 8-year-old is pooping from nerves, then either the child has some serious anxiety issues that need to be handled or the potty training didn't got as well as OP thought. Whichever one it is, that shouldn't happen.

  ex_stripper_jk  |  20

#29 though clever, that doesn't make sense. Less shits would be preferable here, but instead OP has a shit to clean up. Unless she left it for the babysitter...

By  arleenxo  |  11

Hope the babysitter doesn't get a wrong impression.

By  Tiffosaurus  |  12

Thats a shitty situation.

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