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it would be an fml if you actually had your wallet because you are a woman, you "drive" and you are a hazard to all people in close proximity. and your from ohio, which is where those emo faggots who made that faggy "slit my wrists" song are from. you ydi more.

YDI: if you know you lost something, at least make sure you have your other necessities. Like your wallet. At least you didn't lock your keys in the car?

The solutions are so many and so obvious! Walk home. Find someone walking around and ask to use their phone to call a friend. At that time of the night, almost everyone has free minutes. Go to a fraternity and volunteer for a gang-bang. I'm surprised you got into college with your complete lack of problem-solving skills. I'll bet your parents can afford to pay full-tuition, and probably make donations, too.


College admission standards have changed a lot over the years. Sometime in the past couple decades, someone decided that "everyone should have the opportunity to go to college" and it was discriminatory to not allow uneducated, lazy and illiterate people go to college. High school students responded to this through impromptu collective bargaining: they refused to learn, and dared the teachers and administrators to fail them. The teachers and administrations flinched, passed the s

Use the free student phone, most places will have one. Ask someone in the library, it's usually open, to use theirs. Go to campus police, explain your situation. The first thing that came to my mine, beyond the fact that this would never happen to me, would be to use a payphone maybe?

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