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  Echo13243  |  13

Yeah, it's a California ROLLING stop.

  silmisstar  |  23

51, I'm not really sure why we call it that here in California if everyone does it, but it kind of feels like a joke. No one in California actually stops, not even the cops. At least around here. I don't even think about when I do it but my little sister always yells at me "California stop!!!"


Supposedly, the term came specifically from San Francisco, where the hills make it hard to accelerate after a complete stop without rolling backwards first or your car stalling out.

  sloth115  |  18

One usually just slows down to a crawl and continue or have a tiny stop to have a small scan at a stop sign. That is strictly illegal in California. A California stop is where your wheels have to completely stop rotating, you look to your left, then right, and then left again, and proceed if you are cleared. This has to be done even if you clearly know nobody is on the road, since you will get a ticket if you fail to do so. In short, it's just the proper way to stop.

  Spiritwolf126  |  9

A California stop is where you roll through a stop sign without actually stopping, just slowing down. I don't know why people bother calling it a "California stop" anymore, because I see people do it all over the place. Some people don't even bother to slow down.

  Dawn1027  |  9

I think it's called a California stop only in California. I live in florida and have either traveled to or lived in almost ten other states and every single one of them call it a rolling stop, which is pretty self explanatory. California stop, though? that sounds ridiculous

  1known_fml  |  8

Thanks for asking the question I didn't know either. Don't you have a sign that let you do a rolling stop and a stop sign that requires you to really stop?

  Mortoli  |  29

lol its basically when you slow down at a stop sign i think im not certain but for better explanation its when you get so slow that your at the point of stopping say 5-15 mph but not completely stopped like your supposed to be. its actually still considered illegal why he didnt like he/she doing so. i think just about everyone does it

  itooamscrewed  |  10

What is a give way sign? Is it the same as a yield sign? People do rolling stops at those too, even if it is completely obvious that nobody is coming, because people are stupid.

  Dat_Class_Tho  |  26

It was an oddball thing for the instructor to do. But you have to admit, if your instructor made you do something like that, you'd damn well remember to make a complete stop next time. :-P


As someone who grew up in California, I can tell you that that is complete horseshit. No matter where I am in the US, California stops are just as common as actual stops, but California is awful (especially SoCal where I spent the first 20 years of my life). They drive me absolutely nuts. It seems like such a trivial thing to get in a twist about, but it bugs me to no end that people have so little respect for the giant hunks of metal we drive around in. Driving is based entirely on trusting strangers to follow the rules of the signs and the little painted lines on the ground and I feel like people forget that.

  heheitscece  |  12

As somebody learning to drive in California, even I can tell you that is wrong. There's literally one stop sign in my city that NOBODY stops for. They don't even slow down for it. Yesterday I witnessed at least 5 cars IN A ROW do a California stop at that one sign.

  Isamermaid  |  16

I don't think rolling stops are a California thing, it's an asshole-driver thing, and everywhere has it's share of assholes. In my area of southern California, 98% of people stop properly. Pretty rarely do you see a person who rolls through to beat traffic so they don't have to stay stopped a long time. If you're learning to drive, just be safe and follow laws.

  Suaria  |  30

I live and grew up in a town that is a suburb of San Francisco. There have been countless times where I have almost gotten into a car crash because of people doing Californian stops at the main intersection in our town. So yes Californian stops is a real thing in California.

By  Spongegirlcs  |  17

To answer everyone's question, a California stop is a rolling stop. It's an incomplete stop at a stop sign where you roll up to the intersection, but don't make a complete stop and roll through if there is no oncoming traffic. Also known as a sushi roll in some areas, but that's not widely used.

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