By iamamermaid - / Tuesday 20 January 2015 06:14 / United States - Hemet
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By  obnum  |  19

Why not just shave?

  Justine94_x  |  28

not necessarily. I know girls who shave there and they're fine.

  sstahpp  |  33

The more you shave the thicker the hair gets because of the stimulation of the razor. Waxing pulls it out from the root which will eventually make it dissappear. Think this hairy lady might just be a bit allergic to the wax. Try tweezers next time sweetheart..takes more time but you'll be zit free hopefully.

  marieisabelle  |  7

36= it doesn't make it grow back thicker, it just looks that way because when the hair starts growing back it's blunt and has not been exposed to the sun and possibly lightened.

  sstahpp  |  33

So your beard grew out thick and awesome for the first year or so? No shaving made it thicker? How cool are you omggg

  Squygm  |  7

#46, most people start shaving the second their hair grows in. It's not going to be nearly as thick as it will eventually be for another few years, so it gives the illusion that shaving made it happen. The hair also no longer has the natural tapered end that a fresh hair does. It's the most incorrect old wives tail, and if it were really true, your leg hair would be as thick as tree trunks right now.

  Arwen_Evenstar  |  37

Epilator. Removes from the root, quicker than tweezing. Hurts on we sensitive areas though.
Removing the hair from the root can over time weaken the follicle leading to a semipermanent or permanent reduction in hair too.

  sam882  |  28

Maybe one day when you're older #16.

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