By CreepedOut - / Sunday 29 August 2010 19:45 / United States
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  TibbysMusic  |  1

For everyone who didn't get the pun:

EHarmony costs tons of money, but they don't tell you tht until after you finish the hours long survey.
So he put EHarMONEY instead EHarmony.

Jebbus people.

  underaegis  |  0

yeah but if it's a girl that's really attached it end up as... guy: we need to talk girl: sure honey guy: your to clingly don't come over to my house more than once a week unless it's for sex. girl: fine then... you'll just have to come to mine


Today, my girlfriend of 15 months broke up with me. Best part? I just picked up an expensive sterling silver ring engraved with Forever and Always for her last week (she knew about this). The other best part? She asked if she could still have it and if she could keep my hamster. FML

By iluvsu504 - / Wednesday 11 November 2009 18:17 / United States
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