By Slaanesh / Friday 12 December 2008 12:08 / France
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By  Hayis4horses  |  0

dont be such a knob. what did you expect. vacume cleaners emit a high pitch frequency that only some animals can hear, like dogs (think dog whistles). that high pitch freaks them out, its not the loud vacume thats scary. dont you know anything. your a cruel and stupid git.

By  will90  |  5

My friend's toy jack russel terrior pinches loafs out in the corner. We abuse the shit out of that thing...


Today, the neighbors in the next apartment reported me to the police for screaming at my newborn to "shut the hell up" every time he cries. I would never yell at my baby. My asshole of a dog on the other hand barks at everything, which terrifies the baby, causing him to cry. FML

By Annonymous_Dad - / Wednesday 1 May 2013 23:22 / United States - Fort Wayne
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