By Anonymous / Monday 4 May 2015 23:08 / United States - Lawrence
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By  KayDee29  |  31

At least it's just water! I'm sure he will appreciate the thought OP :)

  KayDee29  |  31

Sheesh. So much for trying to be nice to OP. I'm sure she feels awful about it already, why should we all be so quick to remind her?

  kozzard  |  17

A simple shop vac can get most of the water out, and assuming the weather where op is is nice by having the sun roof open, leave the windows open for a bit to let what the shop vac wasn't able to get dry without moldy or mildewy smells building up

  rodeo302  |  13

when I shampoo the interior of my cat I user a bucket of soapy water and a shop vac instead of renting one if you do it right you can get it all out then an old towel for the edges and what not .

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