By kirassi919 - / Thursday 20 September 2012 16:50 / United States
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There's a video online that shows a massacre of 30,000 bees by 300 Giant Japanese Hornets. You think bees scare you? Watch this video and you will no longer be scared of them. You'll be worried about the 3-inch long, armor plated, flying death machines instead.


You think bees are bad? Wasps are horrible!!! When bees sting you, they die. Wasps on the other hand and sting you over and over...

Next time...get someone to cut the grass before you attempt dismantle of structures. Then they can be the ones stung.


That's about what I was going to say Why worry about the old rusty swingset if you won't even mow the grass for them?

Could be worse, you could've gotten a piece of said rusty swing set imbedded in your body somewhere. Hope you're up to date on your tetanus shots!


Fuckin' wasps man. Those bastards are the fighter jets of the insect world. Agile, fast, and pack a serious punch. Spiders don't scare me because wasps kill 'em.

My skins crawling right now at the thought.. Those hives in the ground can be huge!! Saw it on T.V. Once.. Hope I never find out myself .. FYL


I did when I was 4. It was hidden in my preschools large sandbox and all I gotta say is I never forgot that painful memory :|

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