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12- Dogs aren't colorblind in the sense that they see everything in black and white. They just can't see all of the colors that people are capable of seeing. Plus, the color of the dress wouldn't stop the dog from being able to see the movement of the it with the wind blowing


Bulls don't respond to red either. They attack because of the movement and the color is for show.

I hope you didn't need it anytime really soon. It's really terrible that $200 was just torn up by a stray but hopefully you can get another one.


Next time, Rent the Runway. $30 will get you a designer dress and you just mail it back after you wear it, no washing required.


I actually just used it for an event, so luckily that was out of the way. Next time around, I'll either rent one or send my new one to the dry cleaners. Lol. Or just hang it up inside.

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