By anon - / Friday 20 March 2015 21:43 / United States
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the movement matters ...whether its bodily or a bowel.. hope you feel better and thumbs up for going to gym..don't quit...

Take it easy in the beginning! The best of us can get nauseous from pushing after we haven't done anything active in a while. Do quarters of miles and work up from there. Go slowly and stretch in between...keep hydrated but don't drink *too* much water. Remember to breathe. :) And maybe do simple aerobic gymnastics instead of constant jogging. Unless you're a cross country runner, constant jogging on a treadmill is pointless and it is v hard to lose weight that way, let alone build muscle tone

Yikes! Hope you feel better :) Also hope you find out exactly how one correlates to the other. Surely it couldn't have just been the treadmill?

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