By kumbuck3t15 - / Sunday 29 July 2012 20:20 / Mexico - Distrito Federal
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Well my gamertag is ZombieBombatron and once everyone finds out how to pronounce it, they can't help but call me that in person...(': fucking lovely. Cause Ally is too mainstream, right? -__-

By  joker118  |  7

well change your name then

  akg98  |  13

Aha 24 i lold

By  Madden12  |  6

You need to get a life? This saying only works in English.

  trivel64  |  16

17- I think that 3 was using the French version of the website, and the saying "I need to get a life" does not translate too well ^^

  _duhastmich  |  11

50 - if the saying doesn't work in French then why did someone who speaks French use it?

By  Rommel1942  |  9

Problem: You have Xbox.
Solution: Buy PS3

  ablueshka  |  0

PS3 is insecure man they get hacked like every year and people get there money stolen from hackers hacking psn then getting all your Paying info. Xbox u pay more yes but it's more secure than loosing all ur money to a hacker

  Jaxx66  |  21

45, I don't know why you got thumbed down. You make a valid point. Paying Microsoft for their services makes them more likely to spend more time and resources on a more secure online system. Also, it is true that PS3 gets hacked more.

By  igive  |  28

I wonder if your gamer tag its something like "beaverbeater285" Cus i see a lot of those.

  borkchop1992  |  15

Xbox games>ps3
Ps3 graphics

By  greenie213  |  23

My name here is my Xbox name, and I came up with it because everyone calls me Greenie. Look me up.


111, your pic goes perfectly with your comment: I literally read it starting with "bitch please!"

by the way... you wouldn't happen to know... WHEN DOES THE NARWHAL BACON? and if you do, how did you escape!?!

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