By ConnorFails - / Tuesday 12 May 2009 01:25 / United States
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By  beanerkid  |  0

I had to ask this girl out on a dare her mom answered the phone and I did it anyway i got rejected by her mom and her later when her mom told her the story hahaha

By  EmUhLee  |  0

I'm wondering if that was really her mom or not. But anyway it goes, that's funny, 'cause my name's Emily and my friends sent that exact text to a guy a few weeks ago when he kept texting me asking me out.

By  mattmag  |  0

At least you acknowledge that you were being an idiot by asking a girl out over text. Maybe she'd say yes if you talked to her in person or at least called.

By  Jimboom  |  11

Damm right. Ask her to her face. The problem with Text's and e-mails is it is impossible to convey your body language and tone from them. Do it in person or not at all!

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