By Poly24 / Tuesday 27 August 2013 10:32 / France - La Courneuve
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  maemismile  |  22

They're actually siblings....

  flohsch  |  15

actually, Barbie and Ken got a divorce a while ago. Probably becuse he realized he was gay or he got tired of Barbie sleeping her way to the top.

  CanadiAnM8  |  24

When my dad was out of the country like, 6 years ago. He bought a game for I think either our XBOX or PS3. He thought the game said Boratz, it said Bratz. That was one of the most sluttiest and wrongest games I have ever played in my life.

By  kemando  |  22

She will climb high in the financial ladder. Jokes, sorry op, time to stop her from becoming a slut.

  golden_warrior  |  23

Calm down 3, she probably thought slept together meant sleeping on the same bed. She didn't say sex.

  kingdomgirl94  |  27

While that poster used a poor choice of words, the major issue is that a six year old obviously heard this somewhere, somewhere the OP clearly doesnt know about, and the fact that its already been put in her head that using your body to manipulate people is okay. It has nothing to do with slut shaming and more to do with the little girl being influenced by things that are not age appropriate. Jfc intervention in this case isn't slut shaming, its shitty morality shaming. Unless you're going to argue that screwing your way up in a company is moral. Slut shaming happens, but this is very much not a case of that.

  kemando  |  22

"stop her from becoming" I didn't say she was one, she's 6 obviously, I'm saying she has the mental capacity to become one when she grows up with that attitude.

  geko911  |  22

Well you won the Internet! Bad grammar and still so many up votes. I guess good looks do pay off :P

By  austinssquidgy  |  16

This is what the world has come to, smh. This generation won't seem bad after the next generation comes along while being raised by this generation!

  Welshite  |  39

Yep, we should all go back to our nomadic hunter/gatherer ways. That's the only way to reverse the current generational advances in technology and society.

  gmian  |  33

I'm so sick and tired of all this generation crap. There will always be good people and bad people in every generation. Don't summarize an entire group of people based on the actions of a few.


Oh yeah, the world was way better when parents were taking their kids to lynchings and teaching them to treat fellow human beings like garbage based on race and gender. Yeah, good times.

Get real. If you ask me, children today are better off than they were in the past, though that's really not saying much at the end of the day...

  jw90  |  18

Technically there is nothing wrong with the generation. Some things kids just learn and do on their own. It can't always be helped. We are human beings. It's in our nature to do stupid things sometimes. But we also have the capability of learning from these things and making ourselves into what we perceive as a better person.


Tell me why this generation is the worst, 7. It is worse then the 50s and 60s when everything was taboo and when a teen ended up pregnant, an abortion had the a very high risk of killing her? Or how about slavery? Huh? Is kids knowing about sex earlier worse than lynching and a very active KKK? What about when the cure for some diseases was just letting patients bleed? Is that really better than what we have right now? I'm so sick of "this generation is the worst" crap. ALL generations will have the assholes and the good people. Get that in your brains and we can avoid stupid comments like yours, 7.


I agree that this generation is bad, but not for the reason of learning about sex and such at an earlier age. I think that the younger kids are much ruder now than kids used to be. Manners are no longer being enforced, and it definitely shows.


I dont disagree with you, 83, but saying that manners are no longer being enforced is kind of a generalization. Its true that tbere are plenty of shitty parents out there, but there always has been. There are plenty of good people out there who enfore manners and have good kids. My sister is 15 and she has a great group of friends who are all smart and respectful. Thats why it really bugs me when people say things like "all teenagers suck"

  ptoka  |  19

87, I can't count the times I've held open doors for people younger than me and gotten nothing more than an smirk or kick to my foot. Not saying decent people aren't out there, they just seem to be harder to find at times.


I think three good people may be harder to find because the mean and nasty one stick better in our memory sometimes. I am sure as kids we were not always the best and the generation before us complained about us, of course because we were young we wouldn't notice, humans do dumb things sometimes and then most grow up. There's good and bad in every generation.


107, good point. I hate the little bastards that run around being brats. And 109, I totally agree, every generation seems to think the next one is all terrible. And I totally agree that the worst people stick out to us I know I woupd rather bitch about asshats rather than talk about nice people... or is that just me?

By  zeuslovesyaoi  |  17

i made my barbies get maried to the one ken doll i had and then cheat on him with anotehr barbie and they'd have weird barbie lesbian sex.i also made a sex swing out of rope and pencils when i was about 7. HOW The FUCK DID I EVEN KNOW WHAT A SEX SWING WAS?

  Meowingtons500  |  18

I was known for doing weird shit with my barbies as well. I think it was because of the influence of my 7 year old best friend (I was 4.) I specifically remember us creating a nude 'lovers restaurant' where Barbs and Ken went to makeout. >_


I know a kid I used to baby sit got a lot of her ideas because soap operas are on right after Barney. Me? God knows. I chopped my barbies up and used them in "voodoo rituals" when I wasn't tying them up and sacrificing them to a volcano

  iceroyalty1984  |  14

Being curious about sex is normal, even at 6. My Barbies always had "naked kissing" that lead to pregnancies and 1/2 the time the babies died of dysentery. That's what you get for mixing 5 minutes of forbidden 90210 with Oregon Trail.

  CaitiieBuggs  |  23

I used to make all my Barbies and my Ken doll have weird orgies, and then one by one they would kill themselves or others in violent and odd ways.
I feel less like a psychopath reading this thread, thank you.

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